The Trinity Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project aims to equip clubs and societies within Trinity College Dublin with the necessary skills and support to design their organisation to be accessible and inclusive to students with disabilities. This has been divided into three streams: The Inclusive Trinity Clubs and Societies Checklist, The Trinity Inclusive Clubs and Societies Guidelines, and 4 training videos.

Clubs and Societies committing to accessibility and inclusion will have a significant influence on the lives of disabled students in Trinity, with a gateway of opportunity opening for social engagement, and personal development.

It is acknowledged that disability is just one cohort of people who are often excluded from student life and that there are intersectional issues we share with other minority groups (e.g LGBTQIA+, Ethnic minorities, mature students, and students from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds). We hope that this project will lay the foundation for future changes in our social parts of the Trinity experience projects that focus on each individual aspect of inclusion.