This week the Trinity Ability co_op are sharing the top 10 tips for making your social media accsessible.

Tip 1

  • Make sure to use a sans serif font like Arial, Verdana or Calibri.
  • On slides use a minimum font size of 24.
  • On written documents or PDFs use a minimum font size of 12.

Tip 2

  • Use Heading Styles
  • Use them in an effective hierarchy in both Word and web pages.
  • Create bookmarks and document structuring tags when creating PDFs.

Tip 3

  • Include captions on Blackboard or Panopto.
  • Use transcripts and/or audio descriptions in online teaching and multimedia.

Tip 4

  • Add descriptive Alternative Text to images in all documents to help those who use screen readers.
  • If an image is purely decorative use Alt=.

Tip 5

  • Use Left Justified paragraphs.
  • Use 1.5 spacing to improve readability.

Tip 6

  • Avoid using red, green and pink to convey information.
  • Print colour items in black and white to see how the contrast works.

Tip 7

  • Don’t underline text or it will be confused with links.

Tip 8

  • Use descriptive hyperlinks to direct your audience to other content instead of web address links.
  • Never use ‘click here.’

Tip 9

  • Use bullet points and numbered lists to break up text.
  • Use punctuation at the end of each item.

Tip 10

  • Run the ‘Check Accessibility’ tool on Microsoft Office Files.
  • It will highlight areas for improvement.