Carla Walker

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Hi my name is Carla! I have type one diabetes and hydrocephalus. It can be really hard to carry out daily tasks with fluctuating blood sugar levels, and a constant daily headache. Often I find myself viewed as being an “emotional/ over dramatic woman”. Because I smile and try to live a normal life it’s hard for people to imagine that I am in constant pain. I have a constant battle of proving to healthcare professionals and people who don’t know me well, to show that I am suffering, because of the invisible nature of my illnesses. On the other hand I feel the need to push myself to show that I can lead a full life regardless of my illnesses. Having these conditions could be seen to be a curse, but it’s definitely had a positive impact on my life. It has made me extremely resilient- knowing that I can get through tough times and remain positive, is definitely one of my best traits!