As part of the HEA’s National Access Plan consultation process we submitted our response. This was compiled based on feedback received as part of a survey to all disabled students and focus groups.

Here are some of the key points we raised:

  • Students with disabilities need to be considered in all aspects of decision-making in Higher Education. Efforts need to be made to engage their voice.
  • Emphasises that students in Trinity would like to see more student-led activist groups in HEAs.
  • The number of DARE places need to reflect points increases.
  • It is necessary to increase pre-entry support within Disability and Access services.
  • There is a need for greater financial support for students with disabilities. Particularly those who have to live in on-campus accommodation, which is costly.
  • The SUSI system is additionally difficult to navigate for disabled students.
  • Covid 19 presents barriers and benefits for students with disabilities.