Rachel accepting the Equality Campaign of the Year Award on behalf of the Trinity Ability co_op

On May 12th 2022 the Trinity Ability co_op were awarded Equality Campaign of the Year for the Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies Project at the USI Student Achievement Awards.

We were delighted to be nominated alongside other Trinity students for categories such as Equality Campaign of the Year, Academic Representative of the Year and Student Activist of the Year.

  • Rachel, Courtney and Mia with their awards and the USI Awards.
  • A zoom in off the USI awards. Tear-dropped shaped class with the SAAI and the award written on them in white.
  • The Trinity table standing up clapping at the USI Awards.
  • Rachel and Courtney before the award ceremony.
  • The crowd at the USI awards, a room in a hotel with round tables and a projector.
  • Mia, Klaudia and Courtney at the Trinity table.