What is the Trinity Ability co_op?

The Trinity Ability co_op is a cooperative movement led by disabled students in Trinity College Dublin towards radical inclusion on campus, founded in 2020. The co_op is made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Trinity College Dublin who identify as disabled, d/Deaf, or neurodivergent. In line with the Trinity Student Partnership Agreement, the Trinity Ability co_op is a student partnership with the Trinity Disability Service.


The mission of the Trinity Ability co_op

  • To make Trinity an inclusive environment for students with disabilities.
  • To raise awareness of the challenges students with disabilities face on a day-to-day basis and how Trinity can best support us as students.
  • Create a safe space for students to discuss issues they are having or develop friendships with other students with disabilities.
  • Provide opportunities for students with disabilities.

Goals of the Trinity Ability co_op

  • Inclusion is widely discussed across campus and is a priority in academic teaching and within the student capitations.
  • Students with disabilities develop skills from the co_op, which will benefit them in the workforce, which they may have not previously gotten the opportunity to create.
  • Have students with disabilities present in board discussions and included in conversations about changes in Trinity.
  • Raise awareness of issues faced by students with disabilities on a National Level and lobby to ensure that we are supported in Higher Education.

Trinity Ability co_op Committee

Currently being elected.

Digital badge for the Access Champion of the Year Shortlist.
Shortlisted in 2021 for the USI Student Achievement Award for Access Champion of the Year
Rachel, a white woman with dark brown hair accepting the Equality Campaign of the Year Award. She is wearing a green dress, standing next to a person in a pink suit.
Winner of 2022 Equality Campaign of the Year at the USI Student Achievement Awards (Towards Inclusive Clubs and Societies)