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Often people ask: “are you better now?” as if it is only a temporary injury, and not a long-term condition

Jani Wiggins I didn’t always identify as someone with a disability. I was able-bodied for 15 years of my life. Most people would declare it a curse, to have this perspective, but I see it as a gift. I feel… Continue Reading →

Because I smile and try to live a normal life it’s hard for people to imagine that I am in constant pain

Carla Walker Hi my name is Carla! I have type one diabetes and hydrocephalus. It can be really hard to carry out daily tasks with fluctuating blood sugar levels, and a constant daily headache. Often I find myself viewed as… Continue Reading →

You play it off, pretend you’re not in pain until you can’t pretend anymore

Heloise O’Sullivan Society places a large emphasis on “seeing is believing”. This thinking makes invisible disabilities just that – invisible. There will always be people struggling more – why complain? So, you play it off, pretend you’re not in pain… Continue Reading →

I lived in denial for five years, I basically kept my “secret“ hidden and refused all the supports offered to me

Jane Madden My name is Jane, I’m a final BESS student specialising in business and I have Developmental Coordination Disorder also known as Dyspraxia. The idea of this project stemmed from Erwing Goffman’s social masks, as we all employ many… Continue Reading →

Trinity Ability co_op receive €4800 from Trinity Trust Special Fund

The Trinity Ability Co_op is pleased to announce that we will be receiving €4800 from the Trinity Trust Special Fund to work towards making Trinity Clubs and Societies inclusive to students with disabilities. This project will be called Towards Inclusive… Continue Reading →

Calling for greater disability support in Trinity

The Trinity Ability co_op call on staff in Trinity College Dublin to improve compliance with LENS reports. All students registered with the Disability Service have LENS reports that outline the supports they are entitled to in college. Lecturers in Trinity… Continue Reading →

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities

This International Day of Persons with Disabilities we are celebrating my talking about the Positives of Living with Disabilities.

RTÉ Documentary featuring co_op founder

Courtney McGrath is one of 7 diverse students featured in My Uni Life, a documentary series on RTÉ. It explores the impact of the pandemic on these students, such as online learning and new challenges. Mary Geraghty, another member of… Continue Reading →

New Leadership Team Elected

The Trinity Ability co_op has elected a new Leadership Team. There are three groups: Advocacy and Mentorship Communications and Media Representative Group

Sharing Social Media Accessibility Tips

This week the Trinity Ability co_op are sharing the top 10 tips for making your social media accsessible. Tip 1 Tip 2 Tip 3 Tip 4 Tip 5 Tip 6 Tip 7 Tip 8 Tip 9 Tip 10

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