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SUSI Review

Click on Download SUSI Review (Word Document) to read the article, Trinity Ability co_op’s submission to the Students Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) Review 2021.

Sport Inclusion in Trinity – Cristina Cernat

Participation in sports has many benefits, including physical benefits such as improving cardiovascular health and stamina, reducing stress levels, and improving sleep. Depending on the sport you are doing, you can also improve certain skills such as speed, accuracy, flexibility,… Continue Reading →

Washington Ireland Program

My name is Scott Byrne and this summer I was extremely fortunate to be a member of the Washington Ireland Program (WIP) Class of 2021. The Washington Ireland Program is quite a unique program, selecting students from across the island… Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Hurt Her – Lorna Brown

Click on Download Document (Word Document) to read this story, Please Don’t Hurt Her by Lorna Brown.

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