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Just as invisible to yourself as to others

Disabilities and chronic illnesses can sometimes be just as invisible to yourself as to others. It took me a long time to learn how my disabilities were impacting my life. The everyday effects are usually not what doctors tell you… Continue Reading →

Being hard of hearing means I spent a lot of my growing up in an unintentional bubble.

Moria Crowley Being hard of hearing means I spent a lot of my growing up in an unintentional bubble. I was obsessed with reading and could easily disappear into other worlds and experience a great many things but one that… Continue Reading →

So when you’re continuously having interactions where you don’t meet those expectations, it does chip away at your confidence over time

Sarah R With Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s challenging because I am perceiving and processing the world in an entirely different way, which is invisible to others. Because you present as a woman without an obvious disability, people tend to expect… Continue Reading →

Often people ask: “are you better now?” as if it is only a temporary injury, and not a long-term condition

Jani Wiggins I didn’t always identify as someone with a disability. I was able-bodied for 15 years of my life. Most people would declare it a curse, to have this perspective, but I see it as a gift. I feel… Continue Reading →

Because I smile and try to live a normal life it’s hard for people to imagine that I am in constant pain

Carla Walker Hi my name is Carla! I have type one diabetes and hydrocephalus. It can be really hard to carry out daily tasks with fluctuating blood sugar levels, and a constant daily headache. Often I find myself viewed as… Continue Reading →

You play it off, pretend you’re not in pain until you can’t pretend anymore

Heloise O’Sullivan Society places a large emphasis on “seeing is believing”. This thinking makes invisible disabilities just that – invisible. There will always be people struggling more – why complain? So, you play it off, pretend you’re not in pain… Continue Reading →

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