Members of the Trinity Ability co_op are:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate students in Trinity College Dublin.
  • Those who identify as disabled/a person with a disability, d/Deaf, or Neurodiverse.

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How can I get involved?

Join a subcommittee for Hilary Term! Fill out this form to join one (or both) of the below subcommittees.

An Unofficial Guide to Trinity
  1. An Unofficial Guide to Trinity

This project aims to create a digital resource where students with disabilities can submit their experience of Trinity as a disabled person. They can also post tips and blog posts for other students to read.

Possible roles (just ideas!):

  • Project lead
  • Contribution of ideas and feedback
  • Social media
  • Research

Advocacy and Campaigns subcommittee

2. Advocacy and Campaigns Subcommittee

We are setting up a subcommittee specifically for advocacy and campaign work. This will involve identifying the biggest issues disabled students are experiencing in college and working to change them.

Possible roles:

  • Research/feedback from students
  • Social media
  • Planning and event organisation
  • Collaboration with other groups (inside and outside of Trinity)

All members are welcome to develop project ideas and lead subcommittees. Come along to one of our meetings (new date/time to be confirmed) or email [email protected] if you have any suggestions.