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Unique: A Disabled Perspective. A Review

The official launch of the Unique: A Disabled Perspective, Disability Art and Poetry Exhibition took place in An Mheitheal, Printing House Square, on Tuesday, 29th November 2022. The exhibition was successfully launched by Provost Linda Doyle. There were also guest… Continue Reading →

Unique: A Disabled Perspective

Unique: A Disabled Perspective (our art and poetry exhibition, in collaboration with the SU) will be taking place on Tuesday the 29th of November at 7 pm. Be sure to get your tickets on Eventbrite. The event will be launched by Provost Linda Doyle and… Continue Reading →

Something Else “Different” About Me – Pride

When I began to think about it I found that there were a number of similarities between my “disability” and being LGBT+. I have anxiety and a panic disorder, and that is the first similarity, it is a hidden disability…. Continue Reading →

Adding Another Label to Myself – Pride

Some of my earliest memories are of the subtle ways I was made to feel different because of my disability. I felt that receiving any extra help highlighted that there was something about me that made me stand out from… Continue Reading →

No one is unworthy of pride and acceptance – Aaron Donnelly

My disability is not always obvious. From a young age, I have suffered from severe depression, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. This seems like an extensive list, but it gives you a little insight into how… Continue Reading →

Ben Rowsome elected to Youth Committee of the European Disability Forum

Ben Rowsome has been elected to the Youth Committee of the European Disability Forum (EDF), representing Autism Europe. Ben is a 3rd year Physics student at Trinity and has a range of experience in disability activism as part of the… Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity – Part V

Invisibles of Trinity – Part V Having Epilepsy is an everyday challenge; since I can have a seizure attack anytime and anywhere – it could be an absence seizure or tonic-clonic seizure. It could occur during lectures or while I… Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity – Part IV

Invisibles of Trinity – Part IV Having an invisible disability is a strange thing. Sometimes you think it’s glaringly obvious like your disability is written across your forehead in permanent marker. You fear that everyone you meet is making presumptions… Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinty – Part II

Invisibles of Trinty – Part II Having a disability can be annoying, but so too can waking up at 2 am for a 6 am flight. However, when the Ryanair trumpets play and you look out to see the sparkling… Continue Reading →

Our submission to the National Access Plan

As part of the HEA’s National Access Plan consultation process we submitted our response. This was compiled based on feedback received as part of a survey to all disabled students and focus groups. Here are some of the key points… Continue Reading →

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